Friday, September 4, 2009

Hello people

This is my initial voyage into the world of blogging. This blog was created to detail my semester of technological education, so I will be sharing my many adventures in learning. As are students become more and more immersed in the use of technology, it is extremely important that teachers attempt to keep pace, or at least attempt to make a valiant effort to keep pace.

Over the summer, my classroom was equipped with an interactive white board, which for now the students think is the the greatest thing ever (and they get even more joy watching their teacher fumble around with it), so much of my writing will deal with the time spent learning how to use this wonderful machine (and to think, just last year, I was writing on a...... what's that called again? Oh yeah, a chalkboard). I feel like I have barely stored 1% of the knowledge needed to effectively run the board, my hands and shirts are cleaner than they ever have been before (no chalk dust on the hands, no pen marks all over my hands!!!)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my ramblings, or at least use them as a cure for that nagging insomnia. Thanks to the tens of people who will actually be reading (or glancing quickly) at this blog.

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  1. So, with today being a holiday, I have an opportunity to get some homeowrk done, that being said, I am responding to others posts from class.

    You should feel lucky, you are of the few who posted their URL. Therefore, I shall respond to yours. I understand that your first post was just to put something up on your blog so that you may have your first in-class assignment done, however with limited time available in my schedule this week, I am left to respond to your short "blurp", I guess you could call it! :)
    Anyhow, from reading your "blup", (as I did read it, although I apprecaite your humor in it, saying that I might only glance at it!!!), :) I was excited (and jealous) to hear that you received a, smart board is it? That sounds so "cool". (Side note: I had to put hte "cool" in, as meier informed us not to just say, "cool!" So, technically, I have said more than just "cool!"

    Anyhow, I have only seen a smart board on tv, but I would love to use one.

    I am blessed not to have a chalkboard in my class, however even with the overheard projector and white board, by the time lunch rolls around, my fingers are black, blue and purple (purple from the red and blue ink mixing).

    Well, now that I have rambled on enough, hopefully enough to receive credit for this response, I shall say: congrats to you for your board, and I shall also apologize for my rambling!

    See you in class!

    (P.S. Sorry for any spelling/grammar spell check, and to be honest, I am too lazy tonight, from doing homework all day, to go back and check it!) :)