Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The podcasting project is beginning to take shape in the classroom. Students have chosen their groups. I have allowed them to work in groups of up to six, and they get to choose their partners. I am doing this with my AVID class, so I have the luxury of being able to plan time to work on the project during both the AVID period and the social studies period. Most of the students are excited, although a few of them have yet to comprehend what their final product could look like. Tomorrow I will show them a few sample video podcasts that were created by high school students. I decided that I wanted the podcasts to also include pictures. A few coworkers have been kind enough to pitch in, and students will be able to take laptops to their rooms (they have first period prep) to record. After seeing sample podcasts, I think the students will be more excited about this project. In addition, I am meeting with one group a day at lunch to discuss the project and the student's progress (I buy pizza, which is more exciting than the school work). I will continue to meet with them throughout the time we are working on this. It gives me an opportunity to monitor their progress and just continue to work on rapport with them in smaller groups. Hope everything works out well, and look forward to sharing the finished products with coworkers.