Sunday, December 13, 2009


The podcast project is complete. We unveiled the podcasts on Friday, and most of the students enjoyed showing off the results of their hard work. A few groups spent a little too much time goofing around, so they were less pleased with their results. However, they know next time that they need to put maximum effort into their assignments on a daily basis. Especially when projects will be shared with their classmates. We had several visitors in the classroom to watch the podcasts, including our principal, a reporter from the local newspaper (the kids think they will be famous), our school counselor, our school literacy lead, and our district's superintendent. Overall, the project was well worth the time that we put into it and I think the kids will walk away with skills they will be able to use in the future.

In addition, another teacher has been asking about the podcasts and he has already begun to use them with students in his science class. Eventually I will have a few groups share their experience with the staff and hope that other teachers are inspired as well.

I am really proud of what they have accomplished! I am really glad it is done too!